Its just wonderful being an Artist! I enjoy the whole way of life, the process, evolving thoughts, experimenting with different mediums, producing and showing the finished results.  Waving my work off to a new home always gives me a tremendous thrill.

A little detail …

Each piece is precious, making them Limited Editions enhances this.

So, I begin with the fabulous Mumbai Montage – this comprises a collection of 24 images, taken of parts of a concrete wall running parallel with a train line in Mumbai.  Each image, section of the wall, shows a Graffiti artists work.  The messages vary from Western to Eastern.  Some are sobering, some surprising, some amusing.  Their work shows varying degrees of skill. It’s a wonderful, interesting, timeless, thoughtful piece.
The print measures 80x80cm. Printed on melonex/lambda. Limited Edition of 100, signed and embossed. It’s available framed or unframed.  I’ve also created a Limited Edition of just 20 in Plexiglass.

The London Montage – is available in two versions. 150 images which is printed to 80x80cm to pair up with the Mumbai Montage. Or 75 images of our wonderful dynamic city. Printed approximately 80x40cm. Both limited Editions of 50. Also have a look at the ‘commissions’ page for bespoke versions.

The Blackheath Montage – a Limited Edition of 25.  Created for those who love or, live in and love this pretty pearl of a London village.

My Cool Cows & Sassy Ducks – 3D pieces. Measure 50x50cm. Wonderfully fun pieces, look great individually or in pairs. Created in white or black. Ceramics heads, feathers and faux fur. These are very limited editions at 20, just a few left now.

Beauty & the Basque is a collection of 3 images. (1, 2, 3)  In collaboration Zahira who created the hard leather basque and decorated it with a Koi Carp design. Koi Carp is the sign of strength in Japan. The project is full of contrasts; masculine design on a feminine shape, hard leather – soft skin.
The design was continued onto the skin in the form of body-art, as if tattoo’d. I shot the work closely to enhance curves and intrigue. The finished prints look stunning individually and most definitely are most effective as a collection.   You can currently see these at The Cellar Wine Bar in Clapham.

Equally artistic are my Scarves and Interiors … I invite you to browse and enjoy!



Claire Swindale

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Claire Swindale


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