PVC Free Wallpaper
Smooth Satin Finish

Fire Retardant. PVC free non textured option also carries the Green Guard certification making it suitable to use in food environments.

Designed for residential and commercial use alike.
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Printed to order, customised to your  Pantone colour background.
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Orders are dispatched with 15 days.  £84 per sq metre, plus delivery.
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These designs are also available in Duchess Satin or Linen Weight Fabric and Cushions to complement each other and your room.  Not forgetting our latest addition to this wonderment .. matching Furniture.

The full Collection;
Staffordshire Dogtooth / Tea Cups / Collie Dog / Bob the Cat / Graffiti Heart / Bowler Hat / Pigeons Dance / Pigeons Fly / Wimbledon Strawberries / Telephone Box / Sex Sex Sex / Sex Videos Toys Mags /  Bearskin / Benches / Drag Queen / Elizabeth’s Crown / Bull Dog

Bespoke Wallpapers by the square metre I’m really proud of my new designs, and think they are beautiful and fun.
Whats more I’m delighted that I’ve been able to produce them all in England.

claire swindale dog tooth roomsetLOWRES25


claire swindale bench roomsetLOWRES25

Bench Bench Bench

Bowler Hat

Bob the Cat

Wimbledon Strawberries in the Kitchen

clair swindale bear bathroom roomsetLOWRES

Bearskin Soldiers in the bathroom

Tea Cups in the bedroom

Pigeons Dance in the Bathroom


White living room with couch constructed with wooden boxes and pallets – 3D Rendering




Pearly Guild Wallpaper

British Telephone Box

British Bull Dog Wallpaper

Graffiti Heart Wallpaper

No Sex Please, We’re British SexSexSex

The Boston Swan

Wallpaper Hanging Instructions;

Congratulations you’ve made a great choice in purchasing a very high quality commercial grade wallpaper, PVC free and printed using health friendly latex printing ink.  We will print this produce to your exact specification on material specially designed and guaranteed for latex printing technologies and as such we are sure you’ll have many years of satisfied use … up to 25 years of indoor display.

Overlaps on this PVC-free wallpaper are virtually invisible as the paper is trimmed on the wall ensuring a clinical match.

The wallpaper printed with latex inks is odour free, very durable and ready to hang straight from the box.  Most commercial papers can be difficult to hang but PVC free is another story, whether you’re a professional of simply decorating your own premises our wallpaper drops quickly and easily into the DIY category – even if you have not experience don’t worry it’s easy.

Unpack your wallpaper and unroll each section to familiarise yourself with the number of sections and design layout, once you’re happy loosely re-roll and set aside ready for action …

The paper is pre-pasted so additional wallpaper adhesive isn’t required, all you need is;

  1.  Water and trough
  2. Sponge
  3. Straight edge
  4. Sharp Stanley knife / Pizza cutter

OK now we’re ready to start …

  1. Soak the paper in water making sure both paper and glue are thoroughly soaked.
  2. hange the tope edge of the paper pressing firmly against the wall.
  3. Smooth it down with the sponge pressing the air bubbles out of the sides until the paper is flat.
  4. At the top and bottom use the straight edge and Stanley knife / Pizza cutter to cut away the excess.
  5. Remove the white edge strops in the same way.
  6. Finally use a wet sponge to wipe down the surface making sure the edges stay wet for a good join.
  7. Repeat this exercise with each new strip, be sure to overlap the design by 1cm to ensure perfect alignment of your image.


Making the Most of Light (taken from Farrow and Ball paint chart)

North Facing Rooms;
It can be difficult to create a feeling of space in north facing rooms as they tend to have a cooler and harsher light.  If your room is smaller in size use strong colours to create an intimate cocooning atmosphere.

South Facing Rooms;
These rooms are full of warm light throughout the day, so maximise that feeling by choosing soft tones which offer a contemporary edge.

East Facing Rooms;
To create as much warmth as possible in this slightly bluer light, look to softer duck egg colours.  Pair with darker tones on the woodwork so that walls appear lighter in contrast.

West Facing Rooms;
Whites will keep west facing rooms feeling airy as they can feel bluer in the morning, and become warmer throughout the day.




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