By the Roll, 52cm wide, 180gsm, Matt Coated, Non Woven

Designed for residential and commercial use alike.
Please … Scroll down for thoughts regards light in your room

Printed to order.  Delivered 4 weeks after confirmation of order.
Scroll down for images of designs In situ
Note that the designs in these images may not match repeat size, they are just to give you an idea of the effect.  Check each design for exact repeat size.

These designs are also available in Duchess Satin or Linen Weight Fabric and Cushions to compliment or contrast each other.  Not forgetting our latest addition to this wonderment .. complimentary Furniture.

The full Collection;
Staffordshire Dogtooth / Tea Cups / Collie Dog / Bob the Cat / Graffiti Heart / Bowler Hat / Pigeons Dance / Pigeons Fly / Wimbledon Strawberries / Telephone Box / Sex Sex Sex / Sex Videos Toys Mags /  Bearskin / Benches / Drag Queen / Elizabeth’s Crown / Bull Dog

Bespoke Wallpapers by the square metre

I’m really proud of my designs, they are beautiful and fun.
Whats more I’m delighted that I’ve been able to produce them all in England.

claire swindale dog tooth roomsetLOWRES25


claire swindale bench roomsetLOWRES25

Bench Bench Bench

Bowler Hat

Bob the Cat

Wimbledon Strawberries in the Kitchen

clair swindale bear bathroom roomsetLOWRES

Bearskin Soldiers in the bathroom

Tea Cups in the bedroom

Pigeons Dance in the Bathroom

Collie Dog

Pearly Guild Wallpaper

British Telephone Box

British Bull Dog Wallpaper

Graffiti Heart Wallpaper

No Sex Please, We’re British; SexVidsMagsToys

No Sex Please, We’re British SexSexSex

Tiffany Wells

         The Boston Swan

The Boston Duck

Wallpaper Hanging Instructions;

Congratulations you’ve made a great choice in purchasing a very high quality commercial grade wallpaper.


Making the Most of Light (taken from Farrow and Ball paint chart)

North Facing Rooms;
It can be difficult to create a feeling of space in north facing rooms as they tend to have a cooler and harsher light.  If your room is smaller in size use strong colours to create an intimate cocooning atmosphere.

South Facing Rooms;
These rooms are full of warm light throughout the day, so maximise that feeling by choosing soft tones which offer a contemporary edge.

East Facing Rooms;
To create as much warmth as possible in this slightly bluer light, look to softer duck egg colours.  Pair with darker tones on the woodwork so that walls appear lighter in contrast.

West Facing Rooms;
Whites will keep west facing rooms feeling airy as they can feel bluer in the morning, and become warmer throughout the day.




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