Commissioned Furniture

An example of a previous commission,  A Before and After.
These four Dining Chairs were rescued from an Auction House, and brought back to life with the Duchess Satin Graffiti Heart Fabric, printed to measure.

Quotes are free and specific to each project.  Contact me to discuss.

Dining Chair BEFORE

Dining Chair AFTER








I don’t only work with Chairs,  let me loose with all sorts of furniture; headboards, Ottomans, a Laundry Box, a Chaise Lounge, Footstools, Pet-Stools … Vintage, Mid-Century, Modern.

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Happy Shopping

The Collections
London’s Callin’ / No Sex Please, We’re British / Party Animals
The Designs

Dogtooth / Tea Cups / Collie Dog / Bob the Cat / Graffiti Heart / Bowler Hat / Pigeons Dance / Pigeons Fly / Wimbledon Strawberries /  Tiffany Wells / Maude Grande / Maude Petite / Pearly Guild / Skulls / Boston Swan / Boston Ducks / Sex Sex Sex / Sex Mags Toys Videos / Bearskin / Benches / Drag Queen / Elizabeth’s Crown / British Bull Dog / Ben Oakley Fairy



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