Graffiti Heart Fabric

£ 67.00 per metre


I have carefully selected fabrics to work with, and create a few wonderfully, whimsical, cheeky designs.

Fabric Choices: Duchess Satin, Linen Weight, Velvet – all made in England.

Duchess Satin: width 107cm (42″) useable. 100% Polyester. Weight 300gsm. Application: furnishings/apparel.
Linen Weight: width 140cm (55″) useable. 100% Polyester. Weight 280 gsm. Application: furnishings/apparel.
Velvet: width 173cm useable.  100% Polyester. Weight 205 gsm.  Application; furnishings/apparel.
Priced per metre. Carriage POA.

This design is in a 8cm repeat.  Created using an image from my Montage Montage, a graffiti wall I stumbled across in Mumbai.

Cool as single items, and amazing room transformations when Fabrics, Cushions and Wallpapers are used together.

For Cushions and Wallpapers

The copyright on all the designs and images on this site belongs to Claire Swindale.

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The Designs
Dogtooth / Tea Cups / Collie Dog / Bob the Cat / Graffiti Heart / Bowler Hat / Pigeons Dance / Pigeons Fly / Wimbledon Strawberries /  Tiffany Wells / Maude Grande / Maude Petite / Pearly Guild / Skulls / Boston Swan / Boston Ducks / Sex Sex Sex / Sex Mags Toys Videos / Bearskin / Benches / Drag Queen / Elizabeth’s Crown / British Bull Dog / Ben Oakley Fairy.

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All designs and image on this site belong to Claire Swindale.


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