Mumbai Montage Framed Print – Ltd Ed of 100

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A beautiful montage of a graffiti wall in Mumbai.  Therefore MUMBAI MONTAGE, see what I did there?!

Designed to be colourful and thoughtful. Keep looking from left to right, right to left… imagine it in situ. Find the clues as to where it lives. See the contrasts of Asian and Western influence. Rich and poor, simple and intricate, thoughtful and blunt. Transcribe the script. Please find out what ‘man + duck’ means .. surely its not FROG. Top row 2nd in.

Measures approx 1m framed.

Available framed or unframed, price listed is for framed.  Stunning tight colours as printed on Mellonex, therefore 0% bleed.  Ltd Ed 100. Embossed and signed.  Contemporary, full of layers of interest, intrigue .. tireless.

See my SCARF collection .. that shows one piece not included in the Mumbai Montage, but from the wall, the Graffiti Heart. Beautiful!

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Mumbai Montage Framed

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We regret refunds cannot be granted as this beautiful design is printed to order.  Colours may vary slightly from images on screen.
The copyright on all designs on this site belongs to Claire Swindale.


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Dimensions 100 × 100 cm

5 reviews for Mumbai Montage Framed Print – Ltd Ed of 100

  1. sunny

    Best £650 spent on something unusual, makes me stop and stare every time I go past it, it never disappoints me :), somehow I always finds something in it which I didn’t notice previously. Got No18/100 as its my lucky number, claire gave me that one even though that no was not up at the time, so great friendly service too, thnx. A happy proud owner, sits perfectly on my lounge wall, wouldn’t mind to upload a picture of it but website don’t allow, shame :). Just bought a matching silk scarf too for my Mum “Happy Christmas”, thnx Claire. Will definitely following new products. Good luck everyone. – Sunny

  2. Ken Deamer

    This is a wonderful piece of art that captures the very essence of the people of Mumbai. Its rich colours, eclectic mix and thought provoking messages never fail to make you stop and think what it all means and it looks absolutely stunning on the wall. Man plus duck = frog is still a mystery in my house!

  3. Ginger

    My Mumbai Montage commands my kitchen wall with its stunning colour and thought provoking presence. Iv had mine a while now and yet I still find small details about it I hadn’t noticed before. It never fails to provoke admiring glances and comments from all visitors to my house. Its clever and unusual – I adore it! Thank you Swin!

  4. Martin

    We’ve been the happy owner of one of these beautiful pieces for a couple of years now. It is wonderfully evocative of place and culture, curious, visually arresting and wonderfully composed. I expect it will keeps on giving up its detailed pleasures for some time to come.

  5. Ian

    I’ve been a fan of Swin’s work for some time…… But after she finished my own montage it’s something that’s now a talking point in the centre of my living room. Truly amazing and gifted thanks Swin

    Ian = Bespoke London/Perth Australia Montage. Printed in to Plexiglass. 1m width.

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