Mumbai Montage – on Plexiglass – Limited Edition of 20

£ 850.00


A beautiful montage of a graffiti wall in Mumbai.  Hence the title MUMBAI MONTAGE, see what I did there?!

Designed to be colourful and thoughtful. Keep looking from left to right, right to left… imagine it in situ. Find the clues as to where it lives. See the contrasts of Asian and Western influence. Rich and poor, simple and intricate, thoughtful and blunt. Transcribe the script. Please find out what ‘man + duck’ means .. surely its not FROG. Top row 2nd in.

Measures approx 80cm (31.5″).

Ltd Ed 20 produced on Plexiglass.  Signed on the reverse.
A contemporary, full of layers of interest, intrigue .. tireless.

Contact Claire Swindale to discuss or 07747 567 732

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limited edition art by swin, mumbai, india, mumbai montage, graffitti, know god know peace no god no peace, elvis has left the building, don't worry be happy, do not shit, raju uses his head, freedom, stay curious, swin,

Mumbai Montage by SWIN

swin signature Claire Swindale logo

We regret refunds cannot be granted as this beautiful design is printed to order.  Colours may vary slightly from images on screen.
The copyright on all designs on this site belongs to Claire Swindale.

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