‘Not Afraid of Colour’ Book – Ltd Ed 100 – numbered, signed & embossed

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I’ve Self Published my first book … introducing


Just 100 signed copies available.  Signed, numbered and embossed.

It started as a doodle book to keep me occupied and end Lockdown(s) having achieved something.  It evolved in to a wonderful book of colourful designs, doodles and drawings, dated notes and images from the Art Challenge which I joined.

Sadly my lovely mom died in September, this is mentioned and represented by blank pages, symbolising emptiness and shock.

This work is inspiring, cathartic and captures a moment in time.  Great for as a gift for another or yourself.  As a browsing piece and a keepsake.
Its A4, 300gsm soft-back matt laminate cover, 288 pages on 100gsm unwoven stock and as near to the original sketch book as possible in an attempt to share my actual journey with you.

The ‘Not Afraid of Colour’ Collection; Items available;

Greetings Cards £20 – 150 Unsigned Book £45 – 100 Ltd Edition of Signed Book £50 – Limited Edition of 20 Prints of 5 designs £95 –
Full Set of Prints £395
A Limited Edition Signed Print AND Limited Edition Signed Book £135.
Note, the Ltd Ed of Prints, are just that, if you’d like to choose from all the designs, please order soon.

Postage costs vary depending on destination.  No PO Boxes please.  I will only send to the address given, any losses due to incorrect addresses or detail are your responsibility.
No returns accepted either.  Thanks.

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16 reviews for ‘Not Afraid of Colour’ Book – Ltd Ed 100 – numbered, signed & embossed

  1. Debbie Smith

    A lovely book of doodles full of colour, personal thoughts and feelings during the pandemic covering a sad period with the loss of a loved one. My copy has pride of place on my coffee table and has had many positive comments ☺

    • Claire Swindale

      Thanks for buying No5 Debbie. xx

  2. Graham

    This book is an amazing trip in colour and design . Swin is super talented.
    I love this ! My Tailor has the book for my new summer wear .👌🏻✨💥
    Well done swinners .
    Gravy xx

    • Claire Swindale

      I hope you’re not just going for the lining in your suit …. DON’T BE AFRAID OF COLOUR … x

  3. Emma Skeet

    A beautiful book with superb quality printing. Soft luxurious cover gives way to a burst of colourful contents. Each page is a joy to spend time exploring with pattern, hidden details, artwork and heartfelt thoughts and feelings. Claire wears her heart on her sleeve with this brave, creative project. Although a very personal insight into her world during lockdown, we can all relate to the hope, love, light and strength we have inside to carry on creating. xx

    • Claire Swindale

      Thank you! Beautiful words. xx

  4. Melissa C Manning

    It was lovely diving into the colourful, magical mind of Swindale for an evening. The book is beautiful, an almost therapeutic journey taking us and showing us the brilliant creative mind behind the designs.
    This book will be a favourite to pick up when the day seems a bit grey and you need some cheering up.
    Lots of colourful love to you 💛🧡❤️💜💙💚💗🌺

    • Claire Swindale

      You just couldn’t resist opening your mom’s gift?! Ha. I should have given you another sticker to hide the evidence. So pleased that you’re enjoying it. x

  5. Pat Smith

    I just LOVE my book- have been reading through it & loving the colours, the memories, the little hidden gems & the raw emotions shared. It’s an ups and downsy read but probably all the more meaningful for it. It is a book like no other- just like you Claire (& I can say that knowing your very NOT identical twin 🤣). It is an inspirational book with detailed art work that gives you something new every time. I love the black cover hiding the riot of colour within. Keep doodling & smiling your fabulous smile. 😊🌈

    • Claire Swindale

      You got me there Pat Smith xxxx

  6. Gary Walsh

    This book is amazing. A real momento for a difficult year. Full of colour,creativity and personal experience. Each page tells a story and I am privileged to own a copy.

    • Claire Swindale

      Thanks Gary! Lovely!

  7. Anon

    I received your lovely new book at the weekend I’m not sure that I expected but I didn’t think I’d be crying! What a Heart breaking book of love , loss and grief . You’ve really moved me my friend

  8. Ginger

    This book is a riot of colour and shows off Swin’s gift for creating beautiful designs. The clever presentation of her book took me on a jolly ride through the ups and downs of lockdown and also includes a touching narrative of the loss of her mum which is very moving. This delightful book looks marvellous on my coffee table X

    • Claire Swindale

      Thanks Ginger. Here’s to B & M. xx

  9. Sarah ECCLES

    A beautiful book created by the most talented, creative person I know, feel honoured to be able to share Swin’s year and such a touching tribute to Mary xx Can’t stop looking at xx

    • Claire Swindale

      {> Thank you darling. I hope it brings joy, laughter, memories, comfort and inspiration. xx Lots of love

  10. Ian Starkey

    A bright, hopeful , vibrant book, full of joy , just like Claire herself ! xx

    • Claire Swindale

      Wow, how lovely.

  11. Jo

    I’ve just finished looking at your book, it’s beautiful, emotional and I love the artwork, a true treasure to keep picking up, absolutely delightful, thank you xxx

    • Claire Swindale

      Thank you. Here’s hoping its a comfort to you for a very long time. x

  12. Lucy Wiggins

    With a glass of chilled white wine on a summer’s evening and my day’s work done, I submerge myself in the touching anecdotes and playful patterns of this beautiful book – summer 2021 is sorted!

    • Claire Swindale

      You write beautifully.xx Thanks Lucy.

  13. Zina Bage

    What a touching and beautiful book this is. Claire is extremely talented but what is so precious and touching is her ability to take you on her sometimes desperately sad journey through the last year or so but still leave you uplifted and hopeful A chill out, relax and enjoyable treat for the senses!

    • Claire Swindale

      Thank you Zina. I’m pleased to hear the book took you on a wonderful roller coaster, ending positively. I’m loving hearing all the different interpretations from different folk. Someone recently said to me ‘its not YOUR book anymore, its MINE’. True that. Hence receiving Reviews is very important to me, thank you. x

  14. Kevin Callaghan

    Colorful, ingenious, and quirky, a
    remarkable book. If you’re looking something fun for your coffee table book collection or to spark your creativity this it it.

    • Claire Swindale

      Oooooh can’t wait to see what you create …. 🙂

  15. Surf

    I had seen some of your other collections, liked them, but never got around to committing to buying. I bought the book because I thought it would make a great coffee table book and one you could come back to time and time again and find bits you hadn’t noticed before. I was also intrigued by the title. I must say I wasn’t disappointed. An added bonus the kids have started doodling after being inspired by your book!

    • Claire Swindale

      I’m loving hearing that children are being inspired .. .I’d love to see some of their work. x. Continue to enjoy!

  16. Grace from Blackheath Books & Bubbles


    Have to say that this book is one of the most beautiful books I have read in ages & that’s pretty high praise considering I run a BookClub! It has really touched my heart & soul & has moved me beyond words.

    It’s incredible, sensitive, stunning & simply a beautiful insight into colour, emotion, loss, love & life. This wonderful book allows us a very personal insight into the author’s life & thoughts & all the different shades of emotion & colour that we all see & feel. Totally blown away by it. I urge anyone who buys it not to be moved & touched by it in a way that’ll linger & give you strength, love, support, reflection & of course colour when you need it. Precious, thought provoking & beautiful.


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