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Shoreditch Montage on Plexiglass

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Collection of graffiti capturing a moment in time in

Collection of graffiti capturing a moment in time in from the streets of Shoreditch London.


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A collection of Graffiti Art from the walls of Shoreditch in 2015, follows the Mumbai Montage.

The ever evolving wonderful art of the very talented Graffiti Artists.  This, and all the Graffiti Montages I create of in celebration of the City’s artists.  Hang and  you’ll notice new detail every time you look.   They are moments captured in time, each piece of graffiti has probably been covered by another artist, in true Graffiti style.  I hope this piece promotes the  talent within London.

Wonderful colours, intriguing subject.  History.
One of One.  80x80cm.  Signed.

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Dimensions 95 × 10 × 95 cm


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